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New Windows and Doors with ASC Pro Windows, installation is much simpler than you might think.

Do you feel ready to renovate your house with new windows and doors? A quick and cost effect approach to increase the functionality and curb appeal of your home is by installing new windows and doors. ASC Windows makes unique windows for its clients.

Finding the ideal windows and doors for your home shouldn't be difficult since we provide everything from casements to single-hung to sliders. Additionally, we guarantee the finest quality for our services & professional expertise.

We install all kinds of windows and doors, so no matter what your choice is, we are here with our expert team to advise and direct your home window renovation.

We provide timely & consistent window installations- services that prioritise your needs.

a man puts a plastic uPVC new windows and doors

We also make sure that all of our installations are completed within the constraints of your budget, so there are no additional fees. ASC Pro Plumbl can assist you in making the best glass choice possible and take pride in providing specialised glass installation services that compliment the design and personality of your home. Our team is knowledgeable in all glass types and the different windows &, doors installation.

Replacement Windows

New window and door samples

A bad or broken window is a black spot on the face of your beautiful home, get it changed now.

If you choose to replace your windows, you will need to make numerous choices regarding the style of replacement and the sort of windows you want.

You must also select what characteristics your windows should have:

Framing styles  |  Glazing kind  |  Handles and locks  |  Operating systems

Our experts are always available to replace residential windows or glass. If you want to enhance the glass in your home, we may replace your single-pane windows with double-pane ones, install custom-cut glass in your entryway, or replace your patio doors.

On the same day that damage occurs, our specialists can fix broken windows or put in replacement window panes. To make sure that your windows—whether for your house or place of business—are in good condition, our window specialists can work quickly.

What to expect when you call ASC Pro Plumb to fix or replace your windows and doors...

We'll schedule a visit...

A scheduled visit if the damage can't be repaired right away, which is extremely unlikely, we'll board the window and arrange to come back later to complete the repair or replacement.

The install...

If the glass cannot be repaired right away, a follow-up appointment will be made to replace it.


Safety is our top priority, so we take great care to clean up and respect your property when we've finished our repairs.



The occurrence of any of the following could indicate that it's time to replace your windows:

  1. If the double glazed glass has dampness in it.
  2. The outside has chips or is discoloured.
  3. Windows are difficult to open or close.

Give us a call if you're unclear about whether you need to replace a window. We would be pleased to evaluate the efficiency and soundness of the current window you have. Your current window will be repaired if we feel it can be fixed. We'll remove your window and install a new one as soon as we can if it has to be replaced.

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Composite Doors at ASC Pro Windows

A premium composite door service.

Composite doors are the best option for homeowners wishing to replace their wooden or uPVC doors. They offer far higher standards of toughness, safety, style and colour.

Your new composite door will excel in all of these areas if your wooden or uPVC doors aren't operating as well as they should. Behind a chic front door that reflects your personality and is special to you, your home will be warmer and safer. Composite door designs are less prone to warping, decay, and discolouration than wooden/plastic ones. You'll spend less on upkeep and spend less still on thermal efficiency and comfort.

What advantages do ASC Pro Plumb composite front doors services offer?

In order to avoid the drawbacks of iron, wood, uPVC and fibreglass doors while retaining all of their advantages, we have a special selection for material and installation methods. ASC Pro Windows offers a superior overall experience and may be completely tailored to the needs of each client. Size, shape, design, style, fit, and accessories like glass, lock sets and finish are all included in this.

Every type and size of door can be installed and repaired by our trained fitters. They have years of training and experience.

  • Services for Door Installation

Are you moving to a new house or place of business? Do you need to replace the doors in your home? Before our service, door installation services were never this simple. No matter the shape, size, or substance of the doors, our specialists are capable of providing door installation services.

  • Services for Door Replacements

Is your door broken? Does the door have any dents or cracks? With our unparalleled door replacement service, you may get a quick door replacement to hinge repair.

  • Services for Repairing Doors

When you open or close doors, do you hear squeaking noises? When handling doors, are you feeling stiff? We are your one-stop shop for any type of door repair service, whether it involves fixing the door or adjusting the door.

Bifold Doors

Get our expert bifold door installation service with an extendable yearly guarantee & comfort.

The majority of door and window brands can be installed by our highly qualified experts and we rapidly realign misplaced or jammed bifold doors. We assist in replacing bifold door hinges that have worn out or broken as a result of poor installation. If modification is not possible, we will have them replaced.

Beautiful Bifold doors ASC Pro Windows

Installation can be a headache for property owners.

Our most often request is to fix an installation that was done incorrectly by a contractor when constructing a new house or addition. Your doors may have operated smoothly for a few months, but they may now be challenging to open or close. This is frequently the result of improper packing of the glass, which prevents the weight of the glass-sealed units from being transferred to the hinge side. If done incorrectly, the unsupported side of the door will simply droop until the weather seals are pulled out of the door threshold causing harm.

  • As a result of the door being dropped, locking it will also be challenging, necessitating the use of force, which could lead to the handle breaking off or damaging the lock itself.
  • Most of the time, all that is required to get your door back to functioning as it was intended is to properly reglaze it and perhaps make a few other little modifications.

In the appropriate openings, we provide solutions for bi-folding door maintenance, replacement, and new installation.

  • Accurate, professional & Rapid services

We can be counted on to provide a courteous, dependable, and efficient service to address typical problems like lowered doors that make the door difficult to open. We specialise in adjusting most makes of bifold doors.

  • Adaptation to all bifold types

ASC have the expertise, know-how, and resources necessary to adjust and maintain the majority of bifold doors made of aluminium, hardwood, and uPVC, whether they are in a business or residential building.

ASC Pro Windows is a trading name under the ASC Pro Plumb Limited Company.

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