Wet Rooms

Inquire today to find out how a magnificent and affordable wet room can meet your bathing needs.

Bathroom modifications and wet rooms are increasingly becoming in demand in many homes. Wet rooms provide not only a lovely bathroom environment but also increased functionality and accessibility because of their wide, open form.

ASC Pro Plumb Ltd are experts in wet room renovations and can transform a conventional bathroom into one because of our many years of experience installing alternative wet room options to suit your access needs.

Why choose a wet room?

  • Quicker to clean

Our inventive ASC team creates wet rooms that are simple to maintain and clean. A wet room reduces cleaning concerns and gives you more time to enjoy your opulent shower.

  • Creates a classy look

A wet room can provide a unique element to a house. The need for an open-concept living has grown over time, and many homeowners have converted their antiquated traditional baths into sleek, sophisticated wet rooms that give a space a much more modern feel. Get one for your home, too.

  • Enhance the property value

According to experts, a brand-new bathroom will increase the value of your property by 2.88%, and a wet room will increase the value even further when it comes time to sell. Get in touch with us to add value.

  • Walk-in bathrooms

You have a lot more area to enjoy your shower after installing a fully waterproof wet room. A wet room is excellent at giving the appearance of space, even in the smallest areas, if you're short on space.


Wet Room in black, Washington

Special showering solutions and wet room adaptations with ASC Pro Plumb


Your property can look more modern right away with the help of our wet room bathroom modifications. Our wet room bathrooms are exquisite, yet they are also reasonably priced.

Many people choose wet-room bathrooms because they are quite economical, and we can frequently make small changes to your current bathroom rather than putting in a brand-new one.

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