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New Bathrooms

New Bathroom offer from ASC

Full Bathroom Renovations from £3995

Our current New Bathroom Renovation offer at ASC Pro Plumb includes a full three piece bathroom suite with a thermostatic shower. Heated towel rail and a choice of over 100 wall panels, ceiling cladding with spotlights. Most impressive LVT flooring fitted by our floor fitting experts and we take all of our waste including your old suit.

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Full Bathroom Renovation

New bathroom renovations can be a better option to do all the stuff. Renovating a bathroom is not always an easy undertaking. The job can be challenging because of the numerous pipes, wires, and fixtures that are already in place. Additionally, it can be difficult to move anything in the bathroom if you wish to expand or build on to your current bathroom.

Here at ASC Pro Plumb our knowledgeable bathroom team can work around any issue. We offer professional consulting based on your bathroom renovation ideas when upgrading your bathroom. We will take your current bathroom layout, evaluate it in light of your desired results, and provide our best quotation and duration as to how long the project will take to complete.


Want to update the design of your current bathrooms?  We can assist.

Our team will work with you to plan the concept, design the space, and build your bespoke bathroom. We provide a high-quality service when it comes to renovating your bathroom and have years of expertise working on all types of new bathroom install projects.


Bathroom Extras

  • In-Floor Radiant Heat

We frequently get requests for upgrades, including radiant in-floor heating. Because of the specialist training that our crew has undergone, they can install a lovely, warm floor for you to enjoy through the cold winter months.

  • Waterproof spotlights

Bathrooms are a relatively common place to find spotlights, including waterproof lights above a shower or steam room. You may change the illumination at any time of day or night by including a simple dimmer switch.

  • Heated toilet seats

It is becoming more typical for our renovations to feature heated toilet seats. Please inform us of these options at the outset of our quotation because they need to be planned for and are more expensive.

  • A walk-in shower

As the children get older, many of our clients desire to get rid of their compact, squat bathtubs. A walk-in shower with a sliding glass door or custom glass shower wall is the ideal solution. Depending on your preferences, we can install shower kits or a mosaic floor and tiled wall as well

  • Toilets and vanities, freestanding

In the realm of vanities, it's becoming more and more common to see a custom piece of furniture with one or more sinks. In modern bathrooms, the vanity and freestanding tub are focal points when paired with gorgeous faucets.

Our services are not limited to these and include each and every aspect of a complete bathroom renovation...

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