Update your Kitchen Worktops

Enhance the appearance and feel of your kitchen by adding a new kitchen worktops in your kitchen or utility areas


Kitchen Worktops are a wonderful way to modernise your kitchen, utility area, or bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a full new kitchen. A nice alternative to erecting a whole wall between two rooms is to use worktops or islands.

Installation, repairs, and replacements of custom-made countertops are services we offer at ASC Pro Plumb.

A well-chosen kitchen surface may make or break a design plan. Options range from marble to concrete are available.

Before spending time and money on an expensive countertop, you should think about the greatest options. Consider the practical aspects, such as how you will maintain your current worktop.

Please allow us to visit you so we can inspect your current countertop. either fixable or not. We will be there whether it is a new installation or a worktop repair.


Our Kitchen Worktop Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Repair for chips and dings.
  • Makeup polish
  • Crack patching.
  • Update Silicone Caulk.
  • New appliances, cuts.
  • Sealing and cleaning.
  • Elimination of natural stone blemishes.
  • Faucet holes.
  • Repairing seams.


We are experts who will help you throughout the process and ensure that you are comfortable by letting you know what we're doing. Additionally, we promise to give your worktop a flawless polish so that it looks brand new!

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Why ASC pro for your kitchen worktops?


Reasonable Prices

Small home renovation tasks can be completed for a reasonable price with ASC Pro Remodelling.

Specialised Remodelling

A large number of renovation professionals are on hand at ASC pro to finish any project.

Good Quality Materials

Excellent quality materials & services are always offered by our experts at ASC pro.

Work Efficiently

We complete all of our tasks on schedule. Time estimate accuracy and prompt completion.


Our staff will assist you in installing robust, professional worktops. We can install it for you, whether it's a wall or a centre countertop. To prevent water damage, our staff takes extra care to cut it correctly the first time and to seal mountings to the wall and between various slabs.