Electrical Services from ASC ProPlumb

As part our our whole home renovation service, we also have qualified electricians on our team and we can provide a stand alone electrical service.

ASC Pro Plumb also offer all domestic electrical services that involves the installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical systems within your home. This can include everything from re-wiring your whole house, alarm systems, CCTV to installing electrical outlets or light fixtures and adding additional sockets.

Our professional electricians specialise in electrical work for your home, and they are fully qualified and licensed for installing and maintaining electrical systems, troubleshooting electrical problems, and ensuring that all electrical work meets local and national safety guidelines.

Our Electrical Services

  • Wiring and rewiring buildings
  • Installing electrical outlets, switches and sockets
  • Installing lighting fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Electrical appliances charger ports
  • Upgrading electrical panels and circuit breakers
  • Installing and maintaining power systems
  • Troubleshooting electrical problems and performing repairs.
  • CCTV
  • Home alarm systems

It's important to hire a licensed and experienced electrician to perform any electrical work, as electricity can be dangerous if not handled properly. We can take care of all your electrical needs at ASC Pro Plumb.

EV Charging Points

Electric car charging points, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), are devices that supply electric power to recharge electric vehicles (EVs) from your home. These charging points are essential for EV owners who need to recharge their vehicles from their home.

There are different types of electric car charging points available, which vary in their charging speed and the amount of power they deliver. Some common types of charging points include:

  1. Level 1 Charging: This is the slowest form of charging, delivering power at a rate of about 3-5 miles per hour of charging time. Level 1 chargers typically use a standard household outlet and are best suited for overnight charging at home.
  2. Level 2 Charging: This type of charging is faster than Level 1 charging, delivering power at a rate of 10-30 miles per hour of charging time. Level 2 chargers require a dedicated circuit and can be installed at home or in public places.
  3. DC Fast Charging: This is the fastest form of charging, delivering power at a rate of up to 60-80 miles per hour of charging time. DC Fast Charging is typically found in public places like service stations and shopping centres, and requires a special charging station.

ASC ProPlumb can install your EV Charging Point at your home. Get in touch for more information and to book in your install.

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