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We can make sure that your new boiler install is as healthy and as energy-efficient as possible.
Your boiler's efficiency is influenced by a number of factors, including its age. Due to wear and tear and improvements in technology, older boilers won't be as effective as newer models and because of the incredible efficiency of today's boilers, the majority of the fuel is used to heat your home. Perhaps it's time to replace your boiler if you find that heating your home during the winter months costs way too much. Give ASC Pro Plumb Ltd a call, we'll come to take a look and provide you with some suggestions and modifications you can put into place to get the best from your boiler.

Save on heating bills

Save on your heating bills with a brand new A-Grade Baxi boiler from ASC Pro Plumb. We're a Which recommended installer and your new boiler comes with up o a 10 years manufacturers warranty.

Not only that, but you'll get a full system power flush, magnetic filter and a Smart Thermostat with your brand new Baxi Boiler.

Why choose an ASC professional instead of installing your boiler yourself?

We specialise in the installation of boilers of all brands and are here to give a hassle-free service whether you need a new boiler to increase energy efficiency or replacement parts and service for your existing boiler. At the most competitive rates, we offer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services.
As well as doing yearly safety checks and maintenance, our Gas Safe registered engineers can assist you in fixing any faults you may be experiencing.
Boilers use steam or hot water to spread heat throughout your home and we realise how dangerous a malfunctioning boiler may be. A boiler may have a number of issues if it is not properly maintained and serviced.
So, we assign the job to our Gas Safe engineers who will respond as quick as possible.

You can always rely on ASC Pro Plumb for your boiler installation, upgrade or service. We have years of experience in providing installations and repairs for customers through the north east. Our  engineers will give you competitive estimates for installation expenses to suit your budget. We don't include any unexpected or extra costs in our quotations.

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